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Useful tips for successful mentor/mentee relationship

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You can build strong relationships with experienced AMTA members to start your successful massage career. The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) Mentoring Program is going to help you here.

Mentor/mentee relationships should be beneficial for both sides. The following tips will surely assist you.

Communications are to be opened

Mentee: Tell about your goals here and what you expect from the program. Mention what you are going to do to achieve the results.
Mentor: Help your mentee to set realistic goal which you together can accomplish. If you know you will be absent because of a business trip or something, then let your mentee know about this.


Mentee: Mentor is your assistant, if you need any kind of help you can ask for it. But don`t forget your mentor is more a guide.
Mentor: Encourage mentee to be involved in activities, to participate in the events. Assist to create a realistic plan of actions.

Check the expectations

Mentee: Make sure your mentor knows what you expect from the program and realizes what to expect from you.
Mentor: Check the achievements of your mentee.

Support contact

Mentee: Stay polite and ask questions, show your interest. You can chat via emails and discuss everything that interests you.
Mentor: Answer the emails, answer the questions and help your mentee. Provide guidance, useful recourses.


Be honest

Mentee: If you face some difficulties, then tell your mentor. If you don`t understand something don`t be afraid to ask for better explanation. If you have different opinion, them tell this as well.
Mentor: Stay truthful in evaluation but be tolerate.

Active participation

Mentee: Listen attentively. If your mentor is local, ask to observe their practice.
Mentor: Cooperate with a mentee. Create some projects, ask questions and make some discussions.

Stay creative and up-to-date

Mentee: You can offer the activities and exercises you can do together.
Mentor: Share your own ideas, always give advice, make examples from your own experience.

Get acquainted

Mentee and mentor: You are two personalities, and your background and outlooks are different, still get to know each other and try to share your own experience.

Be reliable

Mentee and mentor: You should be as much consistent as possible to be trusted.

Be positive

Mentee: You should realize that your mentor is giving you the advice but not criticizes you.
Mentor: Check the work done by a mentee and their achievements.



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