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Useful tips for realistic goal-setting

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Some time ago, my boss, who is the vice president of human recourses told me to write my goals for future years. As I have never done this before, I had no idea how to complete the list in an appropriate way. A went back to my boss for guidance but it wasn’t an easy task to get an assistance from him.

Still my bonuses depended on this task, so I had to complete it. In an hour, I created a list of my goals and, frankly speaking, I don`t remember even most of them. But I tried to note the things which will burn some discussion. I remember one of them was to be more open in the office and another was to be waist-deep in gravy.

My boss checked the list of my goals and stated those were my personal ones. He said to redone the list and even gave me some advice, which were more than predictable ones.
Since then I`ve been working on the goal-writing study. And I have discovered, unless you have goals, you never know whether you achieve something high or not.

The best-known formula for goals writing is SMART: Specific Measurable Achievable, and I`m not pretty sure about 2 last but let them be Retroactive and Tumultuous. Still I don`t much care about the SMART, as even in different areas this will mean different things. So let`s just check the useful tips for goals-writing.

Write goals which correspond to your values

To my mind, there`s no great difference between corporal and life goals. They are bound. If it`s not about you, then you live the miserable existence as your goals should support each other.
A friend of mine, has planned all his life at the age of 16. He wrote everything, the age of graduation, college years, his work and he mentioned that he would work for a big company and retire in wealth after 30 years. But he couldn`t predict he would hate this job in some time and now he`s sitting at his office counting minutes to his retirement. Sounds not great.

Set goals you can control

I have another friend, who`s 28 and who has never had a girlfriend. One day he said he was going to get married when he turns 30. I suggested him to make a proposal to every woman on his way to make this happen before 50, as he won`t be able to implement his plan till 30.

Very often we set goals which depend on other people and we all know that most people are unreliable, they have their own plans and not pay much attention to yours. You are to set the goals you can achieve only by yourself, doing your best and which are not get influenced by the others.


Think big

One day I found an article about how to make your first $1 million. The author states that you shouldn`t focus on earning your first million, but make your goals bigger – to earn $20 million.
This idea is a great one, because if you fail to get $20 million, you are likely to earn $1 million. As for me, I have always planned to marry an old, rich and sickly woman to make my first million.

Women of this type need our short love and they are likely to die unpredictably, so you`d better act quickly.

In any case, dream big: set goals much greater that you think you may achieve and do your best to implement them into reality. Of course, we are not talking about impossible goals, which are to teach your dog to fly. Set something higher and you will definitely achieve something big.

Give you some time

It`s well-known that those who can wait get the best. And that`s true. You should realize that everything doesn’t come at once, and it takes some time to make your dreams come true. Still you should work to achieve what you want, just sitting in your parents` house will give you nothing. Think of how you want to end up and this will happen to you.

Dream of success

You should make a plan of implementing your dreams, they won`t do this by themselves. You are to work hard to get what you want. Lots of people worry about the failure but don`t do that. Think of success, think what you would do in case you succeed. This will lead you to better motivation.

Overcome your risks

You will never achieve the goals you haven`t set. Of course, on your road to success everything will happen, as the only exact thing that waits for us is death. You can only predict the risks that can take place in your life and you can easily manage them.
So dream big, do your best and success is yours!



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