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8 main differences between Gen Z and Millennials

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I`ve been hearing lots of questions about the difference between Millennials and Gen Z. Therefore, I have prepared the main key differences for you, which will be interesting to look through.
First of all, let’s distinguish what Generation Z is. Those are people born in 1995 and later. They make up 25.9% of the USA population and give $44 billion to the economy. By 2020, they will take one-third of the US population and this means they are worth paying attention to.

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Useful tips for realistic goal-setting

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Some time ago, my boss, who is the vice president of human recourses told me to write my goals for future years. As I have never done this before, I had no idea how to complete the list in an appropriate way. A went back to my boss for guidance but it wasn’t an easy task to get an assistance from him.

Still my bonuses depended on this task, so I had to complete it. In an hour, I created a list of my goals and, frankly speaking, I don`t remember even most of them. But I tried to note the things which will burn some discussion. I remember one of them was to be more open in the office and another was to be waist-deep in gravy.

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Useful tips for successful mentor/mentee relationship

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You can build strong relationships with experienced AMTA members to start your successful massage career. The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) Mentoring Program is going to help you here.

Mentor/mentee relationships should be beneficial for both sides. The following tips will surely assist you.

Communications are to be opened

Mentee: Tell about your goals here and what you expect from the program. Mention what you are going to do to achieve the results.
Mentor: Help your mentee to set realistic goal which you together can accomplish. If you know you will be absent because of a business trip or something, then let your mentee know about this.


Mentee: Mentor is your assistant, if you need any kind of help you can ask for it. But don`t forget your mentor is more a guide.
Mentor: Encourage mentee to be involved in activities, to participate in the events. Assist to create a realistic plan of actions.

Check the expectations

Mentee: Make sure your mentor knows what you expect from the program and realizes what to expect from you.
Mentor: Check the achievements of your mentee.

Support contact

Mentee: Stay polite and ask questions, show your interest. You can chat via emails and discuss everything that interests you.
Mentor: Answer the emails, answer the questions and help your mentee. Provide guidance, useful recourses.


Be honest

Mentee: If you face some difficulties, then tell your mentor. If you don`t understand something don`t be afraid to ask for better explanation. If you have different opinion, them tell this as well.
Mentor: Stay truthful in evaluation but be tolerate.

Active participation

Mentee: Listen attentively. If your mentor is local, ask to observe their practice.
Mentor: Cooperate with a mentee. Create some projects, ask questions and make some discussions.

Stay creative and up-to-date

Mentee: You can offer the activities and exercises you can do together.
Mentor: Share your own ideas, always give advice, make examples from your own experience.

Get acquainted

Mentee and mentor: You are two personalities, and your background and outlooks are different, still get to know each other and try to share your own experience.

Be reliable

Mentee and mentor: You should be as much consistent as possible to be trusted.

Be positive

Mentee: You should realize that your mentor is giving you the advice but not criticizes you.
Mentor: Check the work done by a mentee and their achievements.

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Appropriate time for job searching after college

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It`s up to your own desires and self-feeling how early you are to start looking for a job. Some students start to think about their future profession being a sophomore, some apply for a job at the beginning of the senior year while others do this after graduation.

It depends not only on you, but also on the recruitment offices and the type of the job you would like to get. So it`s never too late to make the first steps.

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8 Fascinating Facts about Life as an Oxford Student

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After applying to Oxford and getting some experience, students observe appealing and traditions of this place. We present you a list of amazing facts about Oxford.

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The List of 10 Blogs which Every University Student is Obliged to Read

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Are you a university freshman or a student that faced some problems, lack of information or just want to find out some necessary education related stuff? There is nothing to it! Now you do not need to search necessary information by scrolling millions of web-sites and wasting so valuable minutes or even hours of your life to process all that informational scope and find exactly what you desire.

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