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Appropriate time for job searching after college

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It`s up to your own desires and self-feeling how early you are to start looking for a job. Some students start to think about their future profession being a sophomore, some apply for a job at the beginning of the senior year while others do this after graduation.

It depends not only on you, but also on the recruitment offices and the type of the job you would like to get. So it`s never too late to make the first steps.

Early recruitment

Some companies start looking for employees starting with the autumn and they interview candidates in November. Such spheres as investment banking, consulting and accounting are called early recruiters and they recruit people from their juvenile summer programs, so you should start applying for these jobs being a junior.

Recruitment begins early because of a great variety of interviews and tests, which candidates have to pass, and also trainings to attend. In addition, they give benefits for those who take part in different internships and developing programs, as those students are already interested in this sphere and they will struggle to develop themselves in this field.


Who are recruiting later?

Employers in fields like broadcasting, arts, publishing, advertising are recruiting later in the year. Small companies which do not provide trainings also recruit later, so if you are a senior, you still have a chance to get a good job you can apply for during the spring semester.

Some companies may also wait till spring to hire recent graduates and to search whom they really need in their companies.
Moreover, there are lots of assistant positions which are available all-year-round and do not depend on seasons. You can be a broker`s assistant, editorial assistant, gallery assistant. These positions can be a good point to start your career.

The earliest the better

If you really want to find a job of your dreams, then you should invest much time in its search. You should create your personal campaign if you want to find a job by graduation. You can look for a job in the Internet or with the formal college programs. Still it`s better to start your search during the summer before senior year.

It`s not easy to find perfect job from the first try, but if you investigate the companies` needs, the responsibilities you can complete and just review the job descriptions, then you will know what position you want to get after graduation.

You can try yourself on different positions and choose what suits you the most, everything is up to you.

Unadvertised jobs

If you see that a company hasn`t advertised a job, you can still send a resume and your cover letter to express your interest in an entry level job. If interviews are scheduled in some months, then you can send your resume again closer to stated time.

It`s always better to be earlier then later, so don’t be ashamed to show your real interest in getting this or that job. Show that you are a potential employee for this company.

What about the date of graduation?

If you think how to state the date of your graduation, then you have several options to choose. You can just insert the expected date of your graduation, for example:

Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration

Sampson College, Sarasota, NY, May 2017

Employers are aware that you won`t graduate earlier than you’ve stated. Or you can also list it like:

Expected Graduation May 2017



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