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8 main differences between Gen Z and Millennials

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I`ve been hearing lots of questions about the difference between Millennials and Gen Z. Therefore, I have prepared the main key differences for you, which will be interesting to look through.
First of all, let’s distinguish what Generation Z is. Those are people born in 1995 and later. They make up 25.9% of the USA population and give $44 billion to the economy. By 2020, they will take one-third of the US population and this means they are worth paying attention to.

A “Millennial” is a person who reached adulthood around 2000. Gen Z follows the Millennials.

It`s important to be aware of their different features to know what to expect in the future. We talk about markets, business. You should adjust leadership and know whom to hire on the positions.
So let`s have a look how Gen Z differs from Millennials!

Less focused

Although Gen Z can proceed information quickly and more effective with the help of Snapchat, they are still less attentive and focused than Millennials.

Do multi-tasks better

Gen Z is good at completing the multi-tasks. It`s not a problem for them to do several things at the same time, they are not distracted by something going on at the background. They can easily change their activities.

Although, they are less focused, they can easily complete a task with tablets or laptops and do this in front of the computer.



Millennials care more about the prices than Gen Z people do and that`s because of the age they came from.

According to the survey, 67% of Millennials would go for sale coupons, while 44% of Gen Z won’t do this. Moreover, Millennials are more likely to follow the ads, 71% of them click on the advertisements before making purchases online, while 59% of Gen Z won’t do this either.

Gen Z has lots of early starters

It`s predictable that more and more students of age 16 and 18 will go straight to work, instead of entering higher educational establishments. If there were schools online, they would finish them and that`s it. Why to waste time, when you can do something useful and interesting making money at the same time?

Gen Z value independence, if they know they can learn something bythemselves with some convenient methods and ways, they will definitely do this.

Gen Z are more likely to be entrepreneurs

New generation wants more independent work spheres, and 72% of teenagers say they will have their own business one day. The quick development of high tech and network caused that the most of Gen Z thinks and acts as entrepreneurs.

Gen Z expect more than Millennials

Gen Z was born in the era of technologies and they cannot imagine their everyday life without devices. That`s why people of this generation have higher thoughts, they expect more and they are ready to fight for a better future. If somebody is not loyal to them, they are more straight-forward and look for something appropriate.

Gen Z are individuals

Gen Z struggles to be original and unique. They are true individuals, showing their personal features which you can`t find anywhere else.

Gen Z is more global

Millennials were thought to be global because of the Internet, but Gen Z are more global with interactions or their thinking. There`s a thought, that nowadays children have more in common with their peers all around the world, then with the adult citizens of their own country.

Gen Z doesn’t hide the fact they are addicted to their devices, 25% more than Millennials. This generation has grown up on devices, and they can`t leave their self-phones, though they watch less live television. It`s the point where the marketing should pay attention to.



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