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8 Fascinating Facts about Life as an Oxford Student

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After applying to Oxford and getting some experience, students observe appealing and traditions of this place. We present you a list of amazing facts about Oxford.

01 – Features of Tutorial System

The first thing to consider is the distinguishing characteristic of studies in Oxford. There is a tutorial system instead of classical lectures and seminars. Twice a week every student writes a 2000 word essay, having conducted a personal research previously, and discusses the topic with the tutor. Tutors usually are professors or experienced researchers, who give useful pieces of advice. However, the tutorial system has drawbacks, such as tight deadlines or high chance to fail because of plagiarism.

02 – Choose a Perfect College

As university of Oxford is made up of 44 small colleges, you may select the most suitable one and make it your home. Live, eat, study and spend your free time with roommates and peers. You have a great opportunity to make new friends, play games or take part in sport events, or read interesting books in wonderful libraries.

03 – A Mystery of Oxford

If you walk near Radcliffe Square, you will find Oxford’s mystery: a college All Souls, which was established in the 1400s and was closed a few centuries ago. Now it accepts only two applicants a year, who have best undergraduate degrees. Potential members take a 3-hour exam, in which they write an essay on one word. If it’s not enough, they may receive a task of another essay to give answers to specific questions.

04 – Get Ready for Strange Activities

Students of Oxford University have exclusive social events. Firstly, newbies should attend a formal hall to have a dinner with tutors, professors and other students – all wearing academic robes. Secondly, why not join a sports club Vinnie’s that accepts only males. Also, a dining club the Bullindgon and meetings of Oxford Union may brighten up your evening.


05 – Find Inspiration in Oxford

A well-known fact, that many authors lived and created pieces of art in Oxford. Did you happen to hear of Alice in Wonderland? Its author, Lewis Carroll, found his inspiration in the Christ Church in Oxford. JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis met at St Giles and since then became members of the Inkling’s writers’ group. Moreover, if you go to the Botanic Gardens, you will find and sit on exactly the same bench where Lyra and Will His Dark Materials> were sitting.

06 – A Paradise of Books

If you are a bookworm, Oxford is a great place to get lost in the world of literature. There is at least a hundred libraries scattered throughout the city. You will find a diversity of books, manuscripts, editions and literary collections wherever you go. In addition, there are libraries for all tastes, from antique and enigmatic ones like Taylorian to modern book storage such as Social Science Library.

07 – Uniforms Are Essential

Students at Oxford University are responsible for wearing academic dress for ceremonies, examinations and other events. The uniform is called subfusc, which includes a white shirt, a black ribbon around the neck for women and a bowtie for men, black skirt or trousers for women and a black suit for men. A robe and a hat are also parts of a standard uniform at Oxford University.

08 – Latin Everywhere

All people studying or working at Oxford University are in love with Latin. Prayers in Latin before dinner, ceremonies with speeches in Latin and graduation is not an exception. Students sit in a hall, listen to the old lady read Latin and receive their diplomas.

If these extraordinary features of student life in Oxford truly attract you, apply to any college and enjoy the experience.



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